Much more than a video door phone system

Mini Note + is the new Urmet kit for 2 non-polarized wire systems: easy to install and to use, it contains all necessary components to create a system featuring video door phone, security and building automation functions.

Kit consisting of Mikra entry panel and 7" touch screen
cxModo monitor

Possibility to turn a door phone system or a bell system into a video door phone system (2 non-polarized wires)

Ideal for single or two-family houses

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Kit functions

Building automation

The video door phone system has a built-in Yokis radio transmitter to manage up to 8 services and 4 scenarios (light switching on – shutter control, etc.). These functions can be programmed by means of the graphic interface of the video door phone.

Video door phone

Intercom call to other monitors (up to 4 monitors in parallel).
Driveway gate or pedestrian entry opening without adding any wires inside the riser.


Possibility of video surveillance by means of the auto-on function on the monitor, enabling the entry panel to turn on the camera.
Clear vision also during the night.
Call storage function.

Yokis building automation functions

Thanks to the integration with Yokis building automation, it is possible to manage, through the video door phone, indoor and outdoor lighting, shutter, gate central control and timing out as well as some other functions, such as garden irrigation.

All these functions can be integrated and activated either manually or automatically to manage different scenarios: the monitor contains a Yokis transmitter module that connects directly to the receiving modules of the electric system.

Mikra entry panel

Surface wall mount or flush-mounted

Backlit name tag with white LED - homogeneous lighting

High definition LED colour camera for a perfect night vision

Zamak body, resistance rating IK07

IP 44 grade

Dimensions: 99 x 178 x 20 mm

cxModo monitor

Surface wall mount

7'' touch screen display

Image memory: up to 100 images automatically saved by the camera after 2 seconds of conversation

Resolution: 480x234 pixel

Built-in Yokis transmitter to manage up to 8 Yokis receiving modules for the activation of shutters/lights

Possibility to manage 8 scenarios or configure a Yokis bus to control the shutters or lights with a button

Dimensions: 135 x 210 x 20 mm

Video door phone functions

Auto-on function

Mute function activation

Yokis function activation

Image memory

Intercom service


Display turning off