Millions of people, every day, are in touch with Urmet's leading technology. Wether it is a house, a mall or an airport, it's all about the places where we live, work or spend our free time. Each place interacts with us through the technology delivered by communicate, security and automation systems.

From public telephony to integrated systems, Urmet makes our mobility easier, ensures our security, connects us to either close friends or remote locations.

In Urmet's vision products are intended to be at everyone's service, in any place and at any time. Such a goal can be achieved thanks to heavy R&D investments. Attention to design, expertise in ergonomics and vast engineering experience are also key requirements to succeed.

Urmet has based its strategy for growth upon three principles:
1.    Acquisition and development of technical know-how to support the expansion of the core-business;
2.    Consolidation of the international sales network;
3.    Presence in strategic areas like China, Australia, eastern Europe.

Thanks to this strategy Urmet can deliver integrated solutions for home automation and domotics, in-building communication and security worldwide: video-doorphone, wired and wireless intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control, video-surveillance, temperature control. With Urmet, Customers can benefit from a unique partner to design, develop and deploy the integrated project that fits all needs best, with the most efficient and reliable solution.

All Urmet Group's companies are highly specialized and work in tight coordination with one another in a system integration process that guarantees Customers and let the Group deliver always solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial contexts.