There in an increasing demand for intrusion alarm system to be installed in renovated apartments and sites, where customers prefer to avoid additional masonry work. In order to cater to these specific needs, Urmet developed two wireless solutions with twodirectional technology so as to offer the same level of security as wired systems. The Ago system, complete with control unit, sensors and control devices, is now supplemented with a hybrid interface, ideal for all expansion projects where security must be provided for a new zone (as in expansion projects) where the rest of the installation site is already equipped with a wired system. The new interface enables the control unit of the wired intrusion alarm systems to communicate with wireless peripherals and control devices to create a single security system that will be more flexible and easier to manage.

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The new Ago intrusion system is the ideal choice for homes. With two-way technology throughout, the devices constantly dialogue with the control unit to ensure transmitted data correctness. It top level performance and flexibility make it the best solution for all needs. With these features, wireless is the best choice for situations in which the burglar alarm needs to be installed after refurbishing because no wires need to be installed in the masonry.

Ago is design-friendly because it respects the home and because all components are carefully styled. The flexibility of Ago make it the right answer for even large-size homes and locations requiring flexible: four programmable zones, 32 radio sensors to which 64 wired sensors can be added with two inputs for each magnetic transmitter.

Programming is very quick, with automatic peripheral recognition by the control unit as soon as the batteries are installed. Management is equally simple: the keypad guides operations and facilitates information reading. All functions can be activated and deactivated by means of remote control (up to 8), or keypad (up to 4), with 16 access codes for detailed event monitoring (up to 500 events can be stored). Ago continuously monitors the power state of each device and signals faults.

Main features:

  • Two-way: constant dialogue between control unit and transceiver devices for security you can rely on
  • Free zone splitting
  • Separate management of six event types
  • Integrated technological alarm and emergency calls management
  • Design of all components